Erin Marguerite Dekker




erins_art_page op instagram 

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2020 Bachelor Fine Art HKU

2014 Propedeuse Psychologie UvA 


2021   ALL INN, Het HEM

2020   Exposure, HKU 

2019   The Christmas Special (duo), TUUB Utrecht 

2018   I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (group), Botanische Tuinen Utrecht

2017  Recording Ghosts And Weaving Data (group), IMPAKT festival


2020 K.F.Hein Kunstparticipatieproject 


2020 Paul Voors, HKU graduation show, kunstblijfteenraadsel.nl 

2017 Sasha Bronwasser, Kunst over magie en technologie, Volkskrant 28-10-2017


text by Menno Vuister

When going to a comedy show, Erin Dekker found that the best moment of the show occurred right before it even started. The lights went out, the curtain opened – the sense of expectation had never been more present. 

Throughout Dekker’s multimedia works the feeling of anticipation and the potency of expectation play the most dominant roles. In her graduation piece De Show die Niet Begint [The Show that Does Not Start, ed.] she explores how to stay in charge while directing as little as possible, testing how actors can act without playing, and how to generate gravity with minimal means. By bringing the rules of theatre to the white cube, Dekker plays with the division between what belongs to the real and what to the performance, generating a collective suspense keeping the audience ever on the edge of their seats. 

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